When does a woman begin to evolve? What does it mean for a woman to evolve?

Who am I ? Where am I going? What do I see when I look in the mirror? These were the questions that stared me in the face. I invite you to a glimpse of my journey in search for answers.

A Mother, she became

It seemed as if my daughter and I were travelling through parallel worlds. What altered my world was the revelation that my daughter is my Life Coach. Tough yet the most rewarding Journey of my Life.

Lost and Found

All who wander are not lost! – I wandered and when there appeared no road ahead found the ability to open the door with faith when fear knocked – this is the story of faith, courage and collaboration!

Running away only to run into oneself

This is about my mother-in- law who carries herself with utmost strength, determination and humility. Every woman has her share of struggles, but it is interesting to know how she could turn a trouble to a talent and emerge as a phoenix.

The Mirage

Why does a girl child's body, her physical attributes become the focal point in her life? Her upbringing veers on this one aspect? Subtly overtly? Nothing else matters? She is lulled into this stupor. What does she become then? Who is she?