Running away only to run into oneself

Deepthi Natarajan, 27 Mar, 2017


Born as a second girl in an age of female infanticide
Lost thy mother within a year with no milk to fortify
The young father was ready for his next bride
And began his family along with these step children
With an earnest belief that there will be a mother to guide
We are in a society of male chauvinism: we believe
However, seldom do we realise that women carry this with pride
Creating clichés and rules for us to live and compromise
No! But this girl was different and knew it from inside
Grown up in both a hostile and hostel environment
She broke all routines without breaking rules; besides
She also turned a torture into talent while running for chores
Practicing to run as an athlete in sports grounds
She did not offer herself to sympathy or condemn
She evolved as a person challenging life’s demands
Her run has not stopped even as she ages
Because she runs her life and not away from it‼


Deepthi Natarajan

A woman born into a ritualistic family wanting to bring a different colour and dimension to the word freedom without breaking rules and hearts.


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